Exceptional Beach Photography Ideas

by Augustus Callen

Want to be a beach photographer? While it’s required that you have a decent camera and know how to use it, the most important thing is to know the right pose and positions when taking pictures.

Essentially, the ultimate backdrop for a photo shoot, whether you’re capturing a couple’s romantic walk on the beach or a child playing in the waves. And the best part is that your photographs of these beautiful places will always be on hand, whenever you need to see them. Here are some ways to bring the beach’s natural beauty into your photography.

The following guide lists the top beach photography poses that are sure to get you noticed.

Splash Around – When you are designing beach photography, you will be expected to be close to the area you are photographing. The natural splashing of water has a wide array of tones and shades that create interesting designs and patterns on objects. If you have ever seen or experienced this firsthand, you will know what I mean. When the water splashes against an object, it creates depth and shape, both of these are great tools for your photography, and they can also create what is generally called texture.

Yoga Pose -Yoga poses are actually the best postures for beach photography. The reasons are that the yoga postures offer stability, performance ease, and they are convenient to carry out in a place known to be comfortable with you. The different types of the beach can actually be made more interesting with photos taken from a particular angle.    You can communicate a better message to your audience as you photograph a yoga pose on the beach as compared to other places.

Put feet inside the sad – In beach photography, it is important to capture that perfect moment. Putting your feet inside the sand would be a great way to capture a beautiful photo. If you’re walking on the beach on a blustery day and a big gust of wind comes up, you can use your feet as little weights so that the sand around you doesn’t scatter away. Just lift your feet in the air using your toes to anchor yourself down and keep the shutter time for a couple of seconds to give yourself time for the wind to subside.

Take a cocktail beach photo – Stuck for ideas on how to take photographs at a beach, either on holiday or just when you’re close to the ocean with friends? Having an ice-cold cocktail in your hands is a great beach photography posture. The drink will give interesting texture, and everybody knows what goes together with holidays, beaches, cocktails, and sunscreen.

Underwater waves – One of the many reasons underwater waves are great beach photography posture is because they usually happen during a good sunset. You can get the right light on the waves and the water during a sunset. You can even get the right combination when the sun is setting in or out of clouds.

Splashing waves create great beach photography posture with reflections of the water’s surface. Waves are caused by breaking water that moves whole areas of fluid back and forth towards the shore.  This movement creates wave forms that we see as rippling wave crests, smooth with gentle-sloped troughs; or steep, broken wave crests with deep troughs. The scale of both these waveforms varies greatly according to their size in relationship to the distances involved. The chaining together of a series of waveforms can be called wave trains. They can be quite long-lasting and make wonderful objects for the subject of some unusual underwater photography.

Kiss while on the waters – Kissing on the beach is one of the most loved photography styles. It is quite popular among amateur and non-professional wedding or beach photographers. This kind of photography style involves models kissing or pretending to kiss while standing on a sandy beach.

Sunset Silhouettes – Not only are silhouetted a popular beach photography subject. They are a fairly easy subject. As long as you have a camera that can capture a panoramic sunset, you have what it takes to get an image of a silhouette on the beach. It doesn’t hurt if you use the best practices for photographing silhouettes on the beach, either.

Consider night beach photography – If you have ever seen an image of the sun setting over the ocean, with a silhouetted palm tree and a warm, hazy sky and wondered how is it possible to capture that, now you can. Night beach photography is all about capturing strong tones, lines, and curves using available light.

Simple Beach Photography Tips     

You don’t need to have a formal education in photography to take great pictures. All you need is a little knowledge of your camera’s settings, planning, and most of all, patience. Here are simple tips to get you started:

  1. Get your camera and tripods ready as you wait for a bit until the beach is quiet, pups and kids are in the water, and people seem to be resting in wait for the next wave commotion. Beach photography should not be done when it’s busy or early morning time when everyone is dancing or strolling on the beach,
  2. Set up your tripod and camera at a good vantage point,
  3. Capturing those footprints are great depictions of the beach moments. You can also catch those footprints on film as you make new ones yourself

Beach photography is not a difficult art to master. Just remember to keep your stance steady, then shoot when the wave is coming up, and you are ready. Using your camera in manual mode will allow you to achieve the basic settings and atmosphere you need, therefore enabling you to focus on your next shot.

Key Takeaway

If you are traveling more and want to capture some amazing pictures at the beach, you will have to master beach photography. A decent camera, stunning locations, and a lot of patience are what you need for this hobby. You have to learn about the tides and high tides for better shooting during low tide time.  Learn what the ideal weather conditions are for beach photography.  There are different types of professional cameras available in the market these days, from easy-to-use point-and-shoot cameras to full-frame DSLR bodies.

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