Finding the Cheapest Moving Services for an Affordable Move

by Augustus Callen

There are many people who have to relocate from one place to another quite often, might be every year. They might be wondering how they will move their entire household to a new location, without spending a large sum of money. Unless you can manage the tedious and back-breaking task and own a large truck to transport your belongings, you must spend a fortune for a moving trailer, truck or professional low cost moving company. But most households choose to hire affordable or cheap moving companies in Toronto for an out-of-state move. Therefore, it is first important to find reliable and cheap movers in Toronto, to assist you with your smooth transition.

Here are few important points to consider when hiring cheap movers:

  • Type of moving services included

When looking for a cheap moving company, keeping additional charges to a minimum level is critical to a cheaper relocation. While few companies could include these added services at no extra cost, some other companies can charge by each item, hour, distance, or any other hidden charges. Make sure to ask movers you receive moving estimates from, about their charges. How transparent their fee pattern is with the cost disclosure also reflects their customer service.

  • Temporary options for storage if required
  • Packing and then unpacking of items
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture pieces at your new house
  • Moving supplies: tapes, moving boxes, plastic or bubble wraps, mattress protectors, blankets, etc. Make sure to ask for necessary specialty boxes for items like TV or any other appliances
  • Cost

When you want to find cheap movers in Toronto, you must consider cost as your most important deciding factor, but you need to look into other things as well. Find out how much an average company costs, this way you will have an idea whether the cheap moving company you choose is actually quoting low prices for the services offered.

  • Finding the cheap moving company

When you shop for cheap moving companies, keep in mind to balance a reasonable moving price with good quality services from professional movers having great reviews. To find affordable movers which you can trust to relocate your items, follow these useful tips:

  • Be careful of cheap movers which offer low-ball estimates: Though, few reasonable movers run promotions, or limited discounts, any reputable mover likely charges prices at par with their competitors, as they generally have similar overhead costs and labor. If you stumble with an inexpensive moving company which charges outlandishly lower costs, be wary. There are more chances that these cheap movers might be tricking you into a signing a contract, just to incur additional moving charges later, or might be running a shady or an unlicensed company.
  • Take time for price compare

Request for moving estimates from at least 3 to 5 affordable moving companies, and when relocating out-of-state, ask additional in-home quotes from a minimum to 3 movers. Compare these moving prices for additional services as well. Make sure to mark the specifics of the moving estimate.

There is no harm in choosing an affordable moving company if you are tight on budget, but make sure to consider the above points diligently. If you are finding one of the most reliable and cheap moving companies in Toronto, contact Let’s Get Moving today.

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