Top Benefits Of Virtual Hiring Events

by Augustus Callen

Finding the suitable candidates that match the company culture, skills goals, and diversity goals recruiters need takes determination and time to scout for the best. It’s not always as simple as sharing a job post to find the organization with the best talent and sourcing for top candidates that fit the position. However, virtual hiring events can cater to all this effectively. The virtual hiring fairs help the employees ace staffing without compromising hiring costs, talent quality and hiring targets. Virtual hiring events have more benefits as compared to the traditional hiring process, where employers are faced with standard dilemmas such as:

  • The inefficiency of talents since the manual resume shortlisting limited the pool of talents for the organization.
  • Lack of measurable results to determine overall effectiveness and event ROI
  • Low attendance of potential candidates since the interviews were limited to a particular physical location, therefore, inconveniencing people from outlying areas.
  • Expensive logistics, administrative planning, venue rental and event management
  • Bringing together attractive employers and job seekers under one roof
  • Difficulty in attracting and marketing qualified prospects into the hiring career fair
  • Boring experiences due to the limitation of mediums sharing the informational context

So, the virtual hiring fairs came to remedy these employers’ problems by cumbering the effects caused by the traditional hiring processes. So, how can an employer make a virtual hiring event successful and effective? Below are some procedures a recruiter can follow to have a successful virtual hiring fair.

How to Plan For a Successful Virtual Hiring Event

Recruiters willing to hold virtual hiring events should consider some elements if they want the event to be successful and have excellent results. Brazen recruiters should have to work their way through a detailed checklist from the set-up to the event’s marketing. Some of the essential areas the recruiter needs to consider when planning a virtual hiring event include:

Partnering With the Right Virtual Event Platform

The most crucial part of every virtual hiring event is partnering with the right career event platform. A recruiter is likely to come across different vendors who offer virtual services at different budgets and features. It would help to explore the best option that will be beneficial to the organization and suits the company’s budget and needs.

Choosing the Right Time and Dates

This is also a critical step that would determine the success of the virtual hiring event. It would be best to be innovative and think of the best date and time attendees from across the nation or globe can avail themselves to attend the virtual hiring event. Would daytime be the best time, or are the attendees available during weekends? In addition, it would help to know how long the recruiter wants the event to run based on the company’s budget and the goals they want to achieve.

Have an Effective Strategy Put in Place

It would be wise for the recruiter to have the set objectives and goals of the virtual hiring event. The recruiter will have a large pool of different talents to choose from, so it would be recommendable to select candidates that will make it easier to select the top candidates. Also, it would be best to think about the techniques and strategies that will make the recruitment process smooth and successful.

Consider the Design

Notably, career job seekers might be the ones looking for the job, but they also have a role in deciding if the company suits them or not. So, the employer should spend time designing an online job affair that will attract career professionals from all over the country and world. Each company’s element should be well thought out to bring an excellent image of the organization with the ideal candidates in mind.

Consider the Content

When planning virtual hiring events, there are endless content options. A recruiter would want to showcase the company in the best way possible. So they will need to have a compelling mixture of social media links, videos, podcasts, reviews, PDFs and documents. The recruiter will also have to add the company’s culture, brand voice and message to come across each branded element. The employee should also put together the best marketing team to create an optimized event description to reach a larger audience.

Enable the Team for Success

The virtual event is likely to fail if not executed correctly. It would be good to spearhead the team and avoid mistakes that could ruin the entire event. The recruiter should ensure the team is ready to execute the set strategies to ensure the virtual hiring event runs smoothly and effectively. The recruiter can also set up tutorials and training before starting the virtual hiring event for the management and marketing staff.

Create and Implement a Marketing Plan

The most crucial element in every virtual hiring event is attracting suitable candidates to the event. It would be wise to market the virtual hiring fair through the company’s career page, email, public relations, and advertising and social media platforms. It will get the attention of prospective candidates to the event.

The Essential Benefits of Virtual Hiring Events

As noted, virtual hiring fairs are more beneficial to the company as compared to in-person hiring processes. They give the job seekers and the recruiters a platform to engage and interact to be able to outsource the top candidates that will best fit the vacancies in the company. Better still, virtual hiring events attract career professionals from across the country and world. Here are the benefits of virtual hiring events.

  • They help build candidate pipelines
  • They bring a higher visitor attendance
  • Improved recruitment efficiency
  • They provide an easy exchange of information.
  • They bring a powerful organizational branding
  • Provides an exciting visitor experience
  • They offer a hassle-free set-up
  • It is a cost-effective marketing platform
  • Provides measurable results
  • Provides a secure live chat


Virtual hiring events accommodate a global audience with benefits including time and money-saving, marketing, engagement, and brilliant branding impact, among other benefits. Running a successful and smooth virtual hiring event will enable the recruiters to have the top candidates with a vast pool of talents from across the world and country. It is highly recommended to take up a virtual hiring event compared to the traditional in-person hiring.

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