Amazon Suspended Account: What To Know About It

by Augustus Callen

Getting your amazon seller account suspended can be very heartbreaking and demotivating. However, if you have got your amazon suspended account that does not mean that you cannot get it back. If you think that suspension means completely losing your account then you are wrong.

Common Terms About Amazon Suspension Appeal You Must Know

First of all, let us know about these common terms that people get mistaken between:

·       Suspension

Getting your account suspended might be saddening but there is nothing to worry about. It means there is still an opportunity to recover your account. You will have to execute a plan of action in order to send an amazon suspension appeal to get your account back.

·       Denied

Many people get a denied notification after submitting an appeal to get their amazon suspension appeal canceled. Well, this is not the scary part because you still have a chance to request once again but this time with an amended proposal.

·       Banned

When we said earlier that denial is not the scariest part, this is the part we term the scariest one. In this case, your account has been fully disabled and you will no longer be a participant. Moreover, they will not revert to any emails you send to them.

Amazon Suspended Account: How Does This Happen?

If you have got your account suspended, then you must be wondering how this happened. Even if you have never been through this, there are some things that you must keep in mind to avoid this situation. So let us have a glance at the major reasons for an account getting suspended:

Bad Reviews

Poor reviews by potential clients are a frequent scenario. If your listed products are continuously getting bad reviews, it automatically affects the reputation of Amazon. That is why they tend to suspend the sellers who are not able to satisfy the clients.

Failure Of Delivering The Orders On Time

As we mentioned earlier, anything that the seller does also affects the reputation of amazon. They may also lose some regular clients. That is why they suspend those accounts that fail to fulfill the customers’ needs and off-time delivery is a factor involved in it.

Selling Depleted Items

This is an obvious reason why your account is getting canceled. If you are going against Amazon’s guidelines and selling depleted or reused items, they will not tolerate this and suspend your account without second thoughts.

Peddling Branded Items Without Consent

You will not be allowed to send real branded items without permission. Amazon is a platform where most of the items are sold by local brands. If you want to sell branded items, you will have to take permission from the authorities otherwise would have to face the consequences of getting your amazon account suspended.


So these were a few things that you must remember if you have an Amazon suspended account. Even if you do not have one, it is always to have proper knowledge for future reference.

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