Automation-driven SAP Services And Management

by Augustus Callen

Cloud4C is one of the largest and trusted SAP partners and is the world’s largest Automation driven managed services provider in high-growth economies. Their unique pools of trained and certified experts understand the nuances of SAP and have expertise in handling SAP environments across various industries. They have leveraged the infrastructure and, application management expertise to create a fool-proof strategy for managing mission-critical business applications.

SAP specialists ensure the operation and further development of customers’ productive SAP systems and SAP applications, according to proven ITSM standards.

SAP Managed Services Offerings

  1. Managed Infrastructure, Migration & Provisioning

As an SAP Managed Services Provider, they handle On-prem/Cloud infrastructure administration, datacentre administration as well as migrations to the Cloud. And manage and migrate SAP workloads to all the major cloud platforms like AWSAzure, and GCP using industry-best tools and leading practices. Various activities are undertaken by them such as Environment discovery, cloud readiness assessments, Proofs-of-concept, zero-friction onboardings & migrations.

  1. SAP New Implementation & Support

The company is helping in identifying new opportunities to meet emerging business needs. The Certified experts also help in creating roadmaps for new implementations that help in deciding how to scale SAP in other business operations.  As part of SAP services , we implement and support existing and new features/functionality.

  1. Monitoring and Audits

To ensure high availability, we provide 24×7 operational support, proactively identify issues, and remediate them. We perform regular application and Database audits to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities or non-compliances. Our automated/intelligent and Proactive monitoring makes your systems run accurately.

  1. Administration & Quality (Upgrades, Health checks)

Being an SAP Managed Services Provider, we take full ownership of Database administration, SAP Installations, Enhancements & Upgrades. We also perform automated Health checks/SAP Quality checks and take care of incident and change management systems to make sure that everything is working as intended.

Sap Service Organization

It consists of management and strategic SAP consulting, proof of concepts via project management, requirement management, implementation consulting, customizing, SAP programming, implementation support, training, migration, Human Capital Management, Supplier Relationship Management, SAP Net Weaver, SAP Portal support including SAP Business Intelligence and SAP Business Objects

Offers Complete Transparency

SAP consultants, wherever necessary, can direct you through change management too. This way, you always accurately know what is happening at various stages of the project – whether it’s a strategy phase, IT roadmap development, or go live. What’s more, the SAP global presence ensures that you have close contact with SAP consultants, who understand your local culture and any applicable country-specific requirements.

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