The concept of bitcoin web hosting – Explained

by Augustus Callen

Web hosting can simply be defined as a service by virtue of which anyone be it any organisation or any individual as such to post a website or a webpage onto the internet. It makes any file comprised in a website open for viewing online. In short, web hosts are companies that rent out their services and technologies to particular host websites on the internet to make them accessible to the users.

The websites that are stored or hosted on any special devices are termed as servers. For any website, there needs to be a web hosting service that aids in the publishing of that particular website on the internet. They provide a trouble-free experience through their merchandise. They can be easily differentiated by the type of technology used in the server and the provided level of management. In a nutshell, web hosting enables websites to utilise the space provided and making it available on the World Wide Web. They offer a wide range of hosting plans or features which range from small blogs to large organizations. The web hosts not only help in providing the sit available for others but also offer features related to managing the servers.

What does Bitcoin web hosting enable?

Bitcoin web hosting enables anyone to publish a website who wants an online presence. As different websites desire different needs or services, today we have a spectrum of web hosting services like VPS hosting, shared hosting, Cloud hosting etc.

Key features of web hosting

The main important thing in web hosting is domain name registration as every website needs its own unique Identity. Other key features include speed, storage, bandwidth, Email accounts etc.

Any company that provides bitcoin web hosting services are termed a hosting service provider.

What is IP?

Another important feature is the Internet Protocol address or the IP address which is a definitive numerical address that is unique to every website. Bandwidth varies from one server to another. Web hosting enables customization of the software and hardware to meet individual needs. Web hosting companies have several web servers lodged in one location which is also referred to as a data centre. They help in storing space and making it available for the visitors to view online.

Basically, it’s a computer infrastructure that keeps the website available and open for access to the users. It offers a user to rent space over the internet which they can utilise to create their own content and publish as a website.

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