Best Wine Tours Margaret River: What You Can Expect With Every Tour?

by Augustus Callen

Australia’s distinct environment and climate have bred a strongly autonomous wine culture, home to a thriving community of producers, vignerons, viticulturists, and winemakers. With over 100 grape types planted throughout 65 wine areas, they can develop excellent wine in their own unique style. They are not limited by history and strive to explore the envelope in search of the globe’s most varied and intriguing wines. They provide great wine activities, including some of the best wine tours Margaret River.

Furthermore, Margaret River, among the globe’s oldest wine districts, represents something of a prodigy, having achieved accomplishment, distinction, and worldwide recognition at a young age. They form a distinct area that yields excellent grapes and exceptional wines with an intense sense of home and future combined with the maritime-like Mediterranean weather. If you want to spend your vacation sipping world-class wines, learn about the best wine tours Margaret River that you could book.

What Should You Know About Margaret River?

In the Margaret River area, the main grape types produced are Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. However, grape types such as Merlot, Sémillon, Shiraz, and Sauvignon Blanc are also planted. When British settlers came in the 1850s, Margaret River had been settled by the Noongar natives. However, it has recently become a well-known wine area. Furthermore, there is a strong focus in Margaret River on cultivating wine without the application of synthetic chemicals. Numerous wineries there are satisfied with their environmentally friendly practices and organic and biodynamic wine manufacturing.

Every year, over 500,000 people experience surfing, cuisine, wine, gorgeous surroundings, and wine tours in Margaret River. This region is distinguished from other wine areas in Australia by its weather, similar to European locations such as Bordeaux. This implies that the grapes mature more slowly here, producing more exquisite and nuanced wines.

What Are the Best Wine Tours Margaret River You Can Book?

There are different wine tours in Margaret River that you could explore, giving you an excellent experience. These include:

Margaret River Discovery Tour

It is the activities’ encounter with wine and landscape enthusiasts. Travelling in an expensive 4WD with just six other people. The Margaret River generates several of the globe’s top wines because of the French wine idea of terroir and exploration. Interact with the environment, then pair your favourite wine with organic local vegetables in the fermenting room featuring one of the region’s rising stars.

  • Begin the trip with a canoe excursion along a beautiful portion of the Margaret River. You won’t become wet, filthy, or fall in. It’s a calm start to a day of delights.
  • Then travel to the beaches to discover how the wineries unwind with a coffee and a surf watch at one of the area’s best beach breakers.
  • The next destination is an old waterhole where we can see freshwater marron and animals and enjoy local honey while reflecting on Aboriginal heritage extending back 30,000 years.
  • The next attraction is lunch at the area’s renowned and upcoming superstar vineyards.
  • End the day with a 4WD excursion and a stroll along a breathtaking stretch of the Cape to Cape Track.

Leeuwin Estate

The Ultimate Leeuwin Degustation Tour is the most productive way to be exposed to the estate’s three pillars of excellent wine, cuisine, and the arts.

  • Begin your stay at 10.30 a.m. with morning tea in the outdoor veranda setting, which includes tea or coffee and freshly-made scones.
  • At 11 a.m., join your guide on a behind-the-scenes trip of the winery procedure, during which you will find out all the background of Leeuwin Estate and the winery approach that results in their world-class and widely acclaimed wines.
  • You will also learn about Leeuwin’s dedication to the arts via their well-known performance series and details regarding the Art Series wine labelling. The trip closes with a guided wine tasting of Leeuwin Estate wines.

Voyager Estate

From grape to wine and yard to a table, the Discovery Menu, Tasting, and Estate Tour provide the whole Voyager Estate adventure.

  • You will begin with a collaborative, behind-the-scenes estate tour, in which you will discover where it all starts, explore their enormous underground cellar, and drink wine right from the barrel in the barrel hall. Along the journey, you’ll learn a little bit about the background of Voyager Estate.
  • It’s high time to sample the wine now that you understand its origin. In the renowned Cellar Door, you will be accompanied through a sampling.
  • The beautiful restaurant will then welcome you for its trademark meal, the 7-course Discovery meal, where every item is influenced by one of the Voyager Estate wineries.

Cape Mentelle

Deconstruct the universe of wine. Following the tale from the historic Wallcliffe Vineyard via state-of-the-art manufacturing rooms, you will conclude in the excavated Cabernet Cellar, where you could have a guided food and wine pairing adventure.

Vasse Felix

Visit Margaret River’s first vineyard to learn about cuisine and wine. This tour brings you behind the scenes of producing wines at Vasse Felix, giving you rarely recorded knowledge of the area and all aspects of winemaking.

  • Study the vineyard and red barrel room with the winemakers before returning to your guide for a sample of the wine selection.
  • Then, dive into wine and food pairing, where you will learn about Margaret River’s local products and the ideas that inspire the Vasse Felix Chefs to create meals to complement the region’s wines.
  • A three-course set meal matched with wines is the ultimate delight.
  • Lastly, choose a bottle of Vasse Felix Premier wine to take home and enjoy with family and friends.

In Summary

Spend the day on the best wine tours Margaret River, splurging on picturesque vineyards while learning about winemaking, then visiting outstanding cellar doors and gastronomic stops to drink luxurious wines and local gourmet foods. You will also eat at a five-star restaurant when you thought it couldn’t get much finer.

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