Buying Gold Jewellery – Caution

by Augustus Callen

Some people buy gold jewellery since it looks good, our mother stated so, it compliments the colour in our skin, its an excellent possible investment, yaddy, yaddy yah. The reason why are as much because the excessively honest dealers who’d sell the goods.

I suppose I should not skip too rapidly within the “great investment theme” because its somewhat vital that you realize that 10 Carat gold completely as much as 18 Carat gold is usually not regarded as great investment material. It’s just not investment grade, hard assets even when your house insurance covers it in situation of thievery.

If investment is the reason and you won’t want to buy gold bars or certificates, not to mention you need to flaunt neglect the on the skin during special events go for jewelery that’s a minimum of 22-24 Carat Gold. The secret, particularly in The United States and England, is how do you buy 24K Gold?

Most jewelers that do not sell 24 Carat gold will probably tell you just how there’s no such factor in jewellery since its too soft for many applications. They are doing possess a point there.

When i first began buying gold within the souks of Al Kobar, Saudi Arabia. It had been, previously inexpensive there. I Then moved to the gold souks of Dubai and yet another middle east *more* commercial centers. Real 24K stuff can be purchased there – and not the 10K useless stuff offered in England or even the 14K *not-to-die-for* stuff offered as gold jewellery in Canada and also the U . s . States.

Truth was, I believed it was 24, however it was usually only 97-98% pure, however, still much better than the 14k fluff offered in The United States.

I Then found them. They are massive jewelery shops on the Hong Kong and Kowloon side. Supposedly, the HK government certifies what they’re selling, however these vacationers traps have all sorts of interesting motivational ‘deals’ particularly in Kowloon. Anyway, they’ve certificates claiming they’re 99.999% pure, however when I required their stuff to Toronto, I had been told not again, its only 22K not 24.

After I further required their stuff to some trustworthy goldsmith to melt lower, he again explained to me it had become only 22.5 to 23 Carats Gold wholesomeness. I keep considering how embarrassing it might be to drag out a person’s own little gold volume/weight measurement tool in a single of individuals massive elite stores and proudly otherwise noisally proclaim their 99.999% gold is not truly what it really states be – I’m also imagining that certain could be focused on by police for developing a disturbance.

And That I know another person will publish and let me know that they’re from HK and also the govt certifies these big shops blah blah however i have obtained big products 4 occasions and every time while selling elsewhere in The United States and also the United kingdom happen to be told similar not so good news ( Even if I presented the govt placed HK certificate )

Lesson learned, when purchasing gold from the store do not ever fully 100% believe in seller or perhaps your buyer because the need for the metal is really high, realize that whether they can sucker you for 2-3% from the value, they’ll, they are able to plus they will not stop – regardless of govt certifications blah blah blah.

Some might respond and say, however, you still got 22 Carat right? Truly the reply is “Yes Used to do”, even when I figured I had been having to pay for twenty-four. And additional, since I understand that it’s really 22.5 Carat bracelets and necklaces that i’m buying and never 24 like they are saying, I’d dicker the cost lower using the true knowledge of what I get.

In case your goal is really for investment and you’ve got no overriding have to place the jewelry on then purchase a certified gold bar from the western based dealer who’s liable in western courts and it has both insurance and liability.

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