College reception and selection: their great sales recruiters and pitch

by Augustus Callen

Like most sales people, college recruiters are responsible for selling their business. And it’s important, when making college decisions, that you don’t fall in love with their sales pitch.

You may attend ceremonial affairs organized by universities such as fundraising and beginning. In every President College affair is responsible for selling his university in the same way as the CEO is responsible for selling his business. He has a sales pitch too.

In almost every case, the sales field is education. This is generally seen as the main role when “selling” universities to us. The role of education is clearly a priority for students, parents, and generous. nothing wrong with that. Education is important and we have seen what is doing elementary and high school that is very good in educating our sons and daughters. But when it comes to higher education …

Do not be fooled

Education is the most important part of college experience in the 1960s and 1970s. Then the cost of higher education is relatively cheap compared to high sky prices today. And after you graduate, you can get a professional entry-level position. Think about it. You can attend college, receive great education that is envy in the world, and can really use education to start a career.

Today you are not educated or employed

Many companies currently only recruit seriously from Top-Tier universities and foreign universities. From these schools where professors who have spent years in their chosen attempt to teach students. On the other hand, most of the professors in both schools we qualified academically but did not have significant professional field experience.

(Note: I refer to Top-Tier with just one to two dozen college élite in all countries. It is IVIES and several selected colleges such as MIT and Johns Hopkins. The second level college is the rest, more than 99% of all colleges high.)

American companies have little time to be wasted on college graduates who graduate from the award program and difficulty reading and writing the correct grammar sentences. So don’t expect them anytime immediately to recruit seriously from college that you attended to hire professional employees in the entry level.

But you pay $ 200,000 for college education four years that for many students close to worthless. It’s $ 200,000 that you can spend on other things.

Unemployed four-year graduates can even decide to go to graduate school to delay paying back student loans. After graduating, you scrape as much as possible money together, and try to pay everything back. And after it’s all done, what do you have? Whatever it is, for most graduates, it’s not enough.

What should be a sales pitch?

This is the tone of sales that must be used for all universities today: the title from college we will help launch your career. 75% of our graduates, in one year, generate $ 50,000 in their chosen field. Well, it’s a good sales pitch!

So what’s the use of Professor Roberts?

I mean in all this is you have to change the way you think of a four-year title. Success in a professional field generally requires a bachelor’s degree. But when choosing a college, you must choose a university that you can leverage for your own personal success. If your university chooses not to educate, does not provide a starting point for a professional career, you must look elsewhere.

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