Equipment financing provider program: more sales with less effort

by Augustus Callen

When was the last time you bought a car without sitting with the finance manager to develop details? Or go shopping for furniture without being presented with prolonged payment terms? Several industries have made the art of combining the “sales closure” with a carefully packaged financing agreement to help pay for your purchase. Many companies even discourage to pay money because they know if you finish your new machine, it is likely that you buy the “Deluxe” unit with all options.

The psychology to give someone the opportunity to pay $ 10,000 for something in a lump sum or $ 200 per month over a few years is that $ 200 budgeting is lower than the $ 200 payment budgeting of your payment. monthly expenses. The pain persists a large sum of money in one shot and the risk is to be without money if an emergency occurs. A good personal and commercial plan is to match revenues with expenses; In your personal life, it means corresponding to your income flow with your monthly payments and for a business, it means corresponding to the benefit that a new machine will generate the monthly payment of finances. In an optimized scenario, new equipment will pay for increased sales and cost savings.

Each equipment sales company, whether they make it themselves or act as a distributor, can benefit from adopting the policy of which many traditional companies have – offer a financial payment option with each quote or proposal and the closing discussion of each sale. It gives your customer an excellent opportunity to consider another way to buy your product; The statement, “I can not afford it” can easily turn “, I can probably pay monthly payments.” The more road dams that you delete from the perception of your client, better are the chances of closing a sale.

If you leave the choice of finances to your perspective without giving them a direct solution, you also have the chance to walk to find funding alone. If they find their own funding, chances are chances, because they have bothered to get their own lender, they will probably go shopping and they may never come back to your business to complete the purchase. Some commercial lenders even encourage their customers to look around and get several offers. Much of the purchase is an emotional process and even when a purchase can improve the production of a business and save money, they can always be drawn in different directions when it really worsens to take decision.

Eliminate the chances of losing a customer by offering them a payment option via a funding company that you have formed a strategic partnership with; These are often referred to as “supplier programs”. Thanks to a provider program, you will get a support and direct training throughout the funding process. Do not let your precious customer wander to get their own funding or simply reject your proposal because they do not want to spend the capital. Your goal is to offer a complete product and a game is a payment process that facilitates the process and create your benefits and sales that will help you develop in the future.

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