How to cook a large omelette

by Augustus Callen

Knowing how to cook a large omelette at home is a useful kitchen skill for singles as well as for those who cook for large families. Omelettes are multipurpose meals and can be served alone or with any number of side dishes. This tasty cuisine can also be served at any time of the day or night, because the tradition has expanded beyond a breakfast dish. Many restaurants offer this dish throughout the day and produce various interpretations that allow you to prefer any food preference. From the south-west to the south, the flavors are infinite about what can be done with an omelette. If you want to know how to cook a big omelette, let’s start.

1. Choose good eggs. If you have access to fresh, brown eggs, by all means, select multiple medium-sized eggs. You can either buy these in a health food store or grocery store. Bio is the best.

2. Gather ingredients. For a basic omelette, you will need:

2 average eggs
Medium size, shallow stove or hot plate and spatula (remember, if you use teflon coated
Cookware, you will need to use a plastic spatula. Of course, the teflon coated kitchen battery emits small amounts of formaldehyde. So, if you want to use healthier cookware, use stainless steel or melting for cooking. Your spatula can then be stainless steel.)
olive oil and extra light spray oil to lubricate the pan or hot plate before cooking
Seasonings such as salt and pepper
Other ingredients such as peppers, onions, pieces of bacon, chopped ham, tomatoes and any other tasteful choices that will make your omelette living with the flavors you like.
3. How to cook. Let’s put all together.
Take two eggs by omelette and beat in a small bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of milk or cream to the mixture as well as salt and pepper slightly. Stir.
Slightly slightly or scrape your favorite cheeses and favorite vegetables and meat.
Preheat the pan or hot plate at low temperature.
Sprinkle with oil or spray in the pan or on the hot plate. Make sure the sides of the shallow saucepan are also covered with oil. Be careful not to burn or burn oil. A low temperature is the best for cooking omelettes.
Test the temperature by dropping a few drops of omelet mixing in the pan. If he turns to a solid without sizzling, he is ready. If you find your test test tastes, then you must turn the temperature until you have a slow cooking temperature ready.
Gently pour the omelet liquid into the pan or on the heating plate. Let stand for about 30 seconds and then add a fill line of the medium. Add the cheese first, then the meat, then the favorite vegetables. When the moisture of eggs turned to almost a solid and solid texture, take a spatula and gently bend the right side in the middle of the filling. Then fold the left side to the middle. Let stand for about 30 seconds. Carefully transform the omelet on an extra cooking high, if preferred.
After cooking at preferred cooking, carefully slide the omelet spatula and lift on the plate or plate of serving. If you do more than one, keep the omelets on a warming tray, be careful not to cook any more than they can become difficult and spongy. Serve your dish as soon as possible for the tastiest results. Here! Now you know cook a big omelette!

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