How to Grill Meat – Cooking with a dry heat

by Augustus Callen

When you learn how to grill meats, you must use the choice and quality of the meat. If the meat is tender and marbled with fat, it is a good choice for cooking dry heat.

Some of the meat cups that are good for roasting include: beef (beef fillet and standing coast), lamb (ribs, leg and lamb rib) and pork lanyard and ham sections . You can either leave more skinny meat of bard or bard if you want to roast them. These meat cups include beef swirl, round eye and calf lanyard.

Thaw the meat at room temperature if you have been frozen before cooking. Season with taste of herbs, garlic and spices. Do not use salt because it will pull the juice. Slightly hose your mesh and place the roast side of the roast turned upwards. Place the pan on a rack and start cooking roast.

There are three different ways to roast meat. If you have meager cups, a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit will be sufficient for all the cooking time. If you want to have a nice brunette crust on your meat, preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and roast meat for 15 minutes. After this hour, turn the heat to 350 degrees F. The only drawback of this is that it shrinks the meat more than the first method. The third method involves preheat the oven to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and cook all the time at this temperature. You only want to use this method if you have a roast less than 5 inches thick and should be rare or rare medium.

The LAM must be prepared rare or average, while pork and calf must be well done. The next time consists of cooking a roast with a bone using the second roasting method. 10 minutes must be added by book if you have a boned roast. If you cook at 475 degrees Fahrenheit, cut the time in half.

Roasting graph of beef, pork and meat

Baking beef (rare): 15 to 20 minutes per book
Cooking of beef (medium): 20 to 25 minutes per book

Veal & Pork cooking (well done): 20 to 25 minutes per book

Cooking lamb (rare): 10 to 15 minutes per book
Cooking lamb (middle): 16 to 18 minutes per book

Table of the cooking temperature of beef, steak and other

Rare meat: 135 ° F at 140 ° F
Rare means: 145 ° F at 150 ° F
Average: 155 ° F
Well done: 160 ° F at 165 ° F

If the temperature of the cooked meat above 165 ° F, the meat will be on the dry side. Give the roast 15 minutes to install after the oven plug, this facilitates the sculpture of the meat.

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