Strategic Outsourcing for Financing and Accounting Services

by Augustus Callen

With the emergence of globalization, it is clear to increase the availability of bandwidth at the level of rock-boot and wage differences in various locations around the world, the company increasingly uses outsourcing business processes, or BPO. This allows companies to focus on core business activities and strategic functions which are income drivers. Non-strategic function and outsourcing business processes from outside partners. This can include customer support, invoices and processing claims.

Strategic outsourcing:

Considered at a strategic level, outsourcing basically involves the transfer of product control or process to suppliers who can provide services in the same location or remotely, which is the most cost-effective. In strategic outsourcing all services, products or product lines can be submitted to suppliers for strategic values. Basically, strategic outsourcing produces the best results by outsourcing to providers that add value to the company’s core business processes.

o Benefits – now established that strategic outsourcing produces many real and intangible benefits for business. This produces many competitive strategic benefits, reducing labor costs, freeing internal processes and ease of management.

o Concerns – strategic outsourcing decisions only make sense to bring real business benefits to the company. If it is not planned correctly, outsourcing can produce a lower level of customer satisfaction, quality quality, delayed delivery, intellectual property theft or customer information and increased costs for the company.

Financial Services and Accounting Outsourcing

The company is increasingly operating with outsourcing financial and accounting functions to BPO companies located abroad. The preferred destination is India, Ireland and countries in Eastern Europe. Financial and accounting functions related to acquisition and use of funds by business. This need cannot be delayed or detained. Each error in this department can have disaster consequences for the entire company. Therefore, it is very important that outsourcing is planned and executed carefully and the lower costs are quoted by providers not the only criteria for selection.

o Advantages – Outsourcing of this function can get a big savings for business. Separate accounting divisions may not be needed with the savings of the consequences in recruitment, training and labor costs. Outsourcing companies with special expertise and technology can help you improve the process.

o Available services – services that can normally be treated include bookkeeping, audit, financial report preparation, ledger maintenance, salary processing, account staff training and software assistance, to mention some. This basically adds low activity and is very suitable for outsourcing.

BPO is increasingly accepted as an effective management tool allowing business to utilize labor arbitration. This allows companies to access special services and the latest technology at competitive costs. This cuts the time of the transaction by utilizing a different time zone throughout the world. The company must include this aspect in their strategic planning to maximize profits.

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