Business and innovation in small businesses

by Augustus Callen

Often it is very interesting when we think of business and innovation. Almost always when we ask business owners what this means for them, they will be unavoidable saying that innovation in business is only valid for “high-tech” companies. This special perspective cannot be further than the truth.

With the definition of “innovation” is something new, the introduction of change. Because it applies to business it means changing part of how you do your business, it might be in sales or operations, can change the way you produce your product.

This is our experience as evidenced by our clients that it doesn’t matter whether you are hi-tech or low technology, small or medium businesses, you can effectively innovate your business and reap big benefits.

Where will you start?

You first need to recognize that where you are and what you do needs to be improved. We usually hear things like, “We need to increase sales”. As a generic statement, we all need to increase sales. But usually we actually need to change something in what we sell or how we sell it. Maybe your product range is outdated, maybe your market has shifted. Innovation in this situation is about reacting and adapting to market strength. You can innovate by introducing a new CRM system to your sales team. You might start to have your sales team more effectively using cellular technology to place orders while on the road.

Do you even have a strategy in your business? You must first know where you go before you know how to get there. You need to develop a plan, a road map, a clear vision of where you want to end. Innovation In this case for you and your business you might get some business suggestions to help your business develop a clear plan to advance.

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