Dutch Four and Camp Fire with Children

by Augustus Callen

One thing first, when it comes to cooking with children, safety is very important. Children are always curious about preparing food and cooking campfire can be very exciting for them. The Dutch oven is the most visible cooking battery of the campsite and outdoor cuisine, then teaching children the basics of Dutch oven cuisine are an effective method for encouraging them to help with such tasks as well as general security .

You can decide if you want to bring small camp stoves and prepare the smell and heat of the true fire in the woods. The dutch furnace cuisine is fun and can make delicious camp-outflows. Children like to have specific tasks. Young children can keep a trace of time that food has cooked or help dig a hole and organize briquettes. Older children can help mix and move food in the pot. Show them how to maintain briquettes above the ground floor or less away from the pot and teach them how to determine how hot the wooden carbon. Let them understand the importance of staying in a safety distance from the flames throughout the cooking process.

There are three ways you can choose when cooking outdoors. You can hang the Dutch oven on fire, place it directly on fire or burning coals, or burying the baking pot in the coals. Avoid silence too many briquettes right away, except with some recipes requiring high heat. Recipe of Dutch oven that involves long and even heating would be ideal, but be sure to remove some briquettes if you spray to avoid drying and burning food. Remember that too much heat at a time can ruin your meal in order to try to pass slowly and easy.

Dutch outdoor ovens or “campstyle camp” are specially designed to sit on three legs. They have well-adjusted lids for ash do not penetrate in food, or you can use the “kitchen” style that has the same features as the “camping camp” with the exception of three legs. Just see that your Dutch oven is securely balanced when it is directly turned on to avoid the risk of failover during cooking. Camping can be the most fun place for children to learn skills such as cooking, but remember that you cook with children, so do not leave them unattended.

Teaching and learning to cook outside the use of a Dutch oven will increase the cooking options and make your camping meals larger from flavor. You can cook steam cooked vegetables, breads, desserts and of course, the masterpieces of Dutch ovens – cakes and cubes. You can even make your favorite burgers using the lid as a break. Camp camp kitchen can make the opportunity to cook food only using organic ingredients and even convince the hardest to enjoy eating to enjoy eating your outer meal with the group. Although you are free to enjoy your cooking campfire oven, child safety and the prevention of forest fire creation remains the main concern when building a fire during the campsite, then Do not forget to follow the basic safety rules of fire safety while cooking outdoors.

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