Integration of social networking – great tools for business

by Augustus Callen

Social media has become a very important part of the lives of everyone in the world today. Now, this is the time for business to turn towards them for their advertisements and increase their profits, thus expanding their business. The integration of social networking only gives it to business and companies. This is a way they can contact by a wider audience and it is also in a much less than other advertising strategies.

What must be done in the integration of social networking is to integrate their sites with available social media sites and only that and therefore expand their reach. In general, one can separate the entire procedure in ten stages where the business passes when they move towards the integration of full social media:

• Observe everything and reports – this can be considered an entry sign where the business knows about the market. It consists of two things – listen and report. Listening devices like Google Alerts are used to track conversations and instances related to keywords. Reporting provides decision makers with information on social media impacts that are needed for business.

• Stage and dress settings – At this stage the business makes their accounts on various social media sites and start publishing their content.

• Media Socialization – Companies at this stage begin to pay attention to the audience so that they can improve their content in response and provide human communication.

• Look for sound and find the understanding behind goals – now after hearing and seeing the business response audience gets inspiration or ideas so that it places the sense behind the goal in their social media program.

• Change the word to real action – now after all discussions and get business ideas at this stage begin to issue their ideas.

• Make human brands and define real experiences – now after the brand has created its name, the message and talks began to spread from consumers something short can be referred to as mouth to mouth advertising.

• Communities – Communities are not only made by creating profiles on social networks. Through the previous stage of business got it through their hard work. Businesses make roads required to bring their customers to a large network filled with information and important connections.

• Social Darwinism – now after the above stages, the introduction of a new role will change the team’s structure and therefore workflow. Therefore organizational transformation will be carried out which will be needed to support effective involvement and to maintain brand relevance.

• Socialization of business processes – Many disciplines and also the business department will now socialize and therefore infrastructure adaptation will be asked to manage social workflows.

• Business metric performance – for measuring the real effects of social media on business numbers and data is needed at any time. That’s what now happens at this stage.

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