Myth Busting: Myths About Outsourcing Technical Support

by Augustus Callen

Some people think that outsourcing is a dirty word, because they do not properly understand the benefits associated with it and have only ever heard bad things. There are lots of negative myths associated with outsourced hosting support and outsourcing technical support for your IT server needs. However, most of the fears which people have about this kind of support are actually completely unfounded and based on negative hearsay rather than actual fact. In this article, some of the myths about outsourcing will be busted.

Outsourcing costs more:
Outsourcing can actually cost you a lot less, because it means that you do not have to buy all your own technical supplies. If you have in-house support, you will have to buy everything yourself, and the costs will not be spread amongst a number of people, but if you choose off-site support, the costs of new technology and support supplies will be spread across that companies entire client base. This means that you can actually get even more for less!

You will lose control:
Some people worry that if they outsource any work (in any department), they will lose control of the process, and therefore work standards will begin to slip. This is not the case at all. When you are outsourcing technical support, you will be entitled to regular check-ins and feedback sessions, where the two way flow of information will help both you and the off-site support company to improve your services. Regular reports can also usually be produced, so that you will always be aware of what is going on and why.

Outsourcing is only for multi-national companies:
Whilst many people thing that outsourcing is only available to big companies, this is not the case. Smaller companies can actually benefit more from taking some of their components off-site. Space constraints and financial constraints can impact on smaller companies more than you are on bigger companies, but outsourcing can really help to alleviate some of these pressures.

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