New Technologies for Rising Now Accessible

by Augustus Callen

I read a message diverted by clairvoyant Lauren C Gorgo that discussed new cutting edge innovations for Rising that are destined to be accessible on The planet. What this new cutting edge innovation is and the way that we access it is the subject of this article. On the whole, a selection of Lauren’s diverting portraying the new technology as a riddle or conundrum (probably for individuals to attempt to sort out) is incorporated beneath.

“The Unseens might want to give us a speedy heads up that there are new and cutting edge innovations that are soon to invade the Earth plane, praises of the technically-yet-to-be-found God molecule. Evidently, something is going to burst forward and break the whole underpinning of human comprehension as it exists inside the 3D worldview and based on the thing I’m hearing, this won’t look good for the overwhelming majority coordinated religions. I could be off-base, yet the inclination I’m getting is that anything that this is will be substantially more affecting than the acknowledgment that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute.

“Be admonished that there will be the people who condemn fiendish these new technologies in anxiety toward strict partisanship. The voices of these assemblages will ascend to the surface to be heard by every one of; the people who fervently object are the individuals who reject any headway that compromise how they might interpret God. These disturbances are not out of the ordinary however we guarantee you that those for new technologies will far outperform the irate few.”- – Lauren C Gorgo, Clairvoyant, June 23, 2011

First and foremost, I really want to illuminate perusers that by new technologies, the Unseens don’t mean new PC show frameworks or another online entertainment stage – in spite of the fact that progressions in such regions will keep on being made. What they’re alluding to are new inward technologies that actuate one’s association with one’s higher self and to “God.”

In any case, for what reason do the Unseens converse with us in such riddles? I can guarantee you they don’t talk in puzzles since they’re being mean or tricky or attempting to be entertaining. This is on the grounds that sorting out the riddle of your life (and of human existence) is really one of the “errands” you pursued on your way of Rising. They’re basically assisting you with satisfying your life plan (the one your higher self set up for you to encounter before you manifested in this lifetime).

Allow me to put it another way: You needed this experience. Sorting out a riddle places you in a thoughtful and open mode, in this way assisting you with enacting your association with your imaginative self- – your higher self– – which is the general purpose.

We should inspect the directed message a piece further. So what is this technically-yet-to-be-found God molecule? Obviously it is your higher self, your spirit. Your spirit is otherwise called a part of God, a flash of God, a Divine being flash. Furthermore, the new technologies are the “internal technologies” that are accessible to you when you reconnect to and coordinate with your higher self, inward technologies, for example, new experiences, clairvoyance and inward direction that assist you with being at the perfect locations brilliantly every time constantly – if by some stroke of good luck you would perceive this perspective inside you and see everything through to completion.

Obviously religions don’t maintain that you should have an immediate association with God, with the Universe, as you could presently not be subject to them for answers and what might they do then, at that point? It is additionally fascinating that the Unseens raise Mary Magdalene, as the spirit who assumed the part of Mary Magdalene plays a significant part to play right now in the unfurling of these technologies. (Incidentally, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute; she was Jesus Christ’s twin soul, and tutor.)

Progressing forward, when you develop this immediate association with God, over the long haul you will get to a more profound level comprehension of your experience and reason on this planet and it will break the whole underpinning of what you have been molded to accept by religions and other social organizations.

Did religions at any point show an immediate association with God? Could it be said that they are doing this at this point? (I positively have not seen it.) On the off chance that you had an immediate association with God through your inward being, what for could you really want religion? They (the strict pecking order) would need to find another thing to do.

Incidentally, a few Christians have made sense of for me that showing how to get into an immediate association with God is insidious and is an indication of Lucifer. However most Christians are totally off track about which Lead celestial host Jesus begins from! (And…isn’t immediate association with God what Jesus instructed?)

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