Rakshasa Demon Summoned in Bloody Horror Flick

by Augustus Callen

Horror movie fans are anxiously awaiting the new monster movie based on the demon Rakshasa. It’s a Filipino horror film produced by 108 Media. In the legends, Rakshasa is a man-eating demon with the ability to change form. Will this horror flick live up to scary expectations?

What Makes Rakshasa So Scary?

Rakshasa is a demon in Hindu mythology. They are man-eating demons, which makes them perfect for a good horror flick. Rakshasa originally dwelled with the Gods. They were banished to earth, and they have stalked mankind ever since. One of the scariest aspects is their ability to change their form. They can appear as animals, and females can appear as beautiful seductive women. Their true form is horrific. They are depicted with tusks, malevolent eyes, and curling belligerent brows. It’s unknown how closely the 108 Media production will remain to the mythology, but the lore provides plenty of terror to work with.

What We Know About the 108 Media Monster Movie

It’s titled Rakshasi, for the female form of the demon. An Indian woman accidentally unleashes the demon spirit. She is turned into a Rakshasi. Just like the Hindu legend, Rakshasi is able to shapeshift, and is a man-eater.

It’s written by Janina Gavankar and Russo Schelling. 108 Media is funding and producing the movie. Janina Gavankar is also the star of the movie, playing a strong female character. The film will be shot in India. Abhi Rastogi, Matthew Francis Wilson, and Justin Deimen are also involved with the film as executive producers.

Janina Gavankar’s Previous Work

Gavankar and Schelling found success with a previous stab at a horror movie. The two co-directed Stucco, which won the Special Jury Recognition for Creature Design prize at SXSW 2020. It also opened the prestigious Holly shorts Film Festival. The short film is 18 minutes long. A woman with agoraphobia discovers a hollow wall in her home, which brings about a psychological crisis.

108 Media

108 Media is on a mission to change entertainment as we know it. They produce compelling and entertaining cross-cultural content. They favor the controversial and unexpected, giving a voice to a wide range of creators.

They released the Filipino horror film Eerie in 2019. In the film, a guidance counselor investigates the death of a student at a Catholic school. Students at the school encounter the ghost of the dead girl, and the investigation leads to the discovery of a horrifying secret. The atmosphere and style of the movie is, well, eerie, and one of its biggest selling points.

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