The basics of cooking lobster

by Augustus Callen

There are many ways to cook lobster. None of them are really difficult or complicated. You can boil, steam, cook or grilling lobster. You cook it alone or as one of the ingredients of a dish, an aperitif or a saucepan. You can buy fresh or frozen lobster. In this article, we will discuss how to boil how to boil a lobster live fresh.

Many people feel that the only way to cook the lobster is to have lived until the last minute. If you go to your local grocery store to the Fish and Seafood section, they can have a lobster living on the ice. The ice slows the metabolism of lobsters so that it remains alive until the customer buys it.

Now, days when my favorite source and a more and more popular way to get live lobster will acquire it on the internet. There are literally dozens of websites exploited by large and small companies that offer live night navigation from live lobster from the sea.

Whatever the way you get your fresh lobster, you must cook it right away. Probably the two most popular ways to cook a lobster consists of boiling or smoking. This article will not in question whether it is human to throw alive water in boiling water. It’s for another article.

Let’s just say that the lobster is ready for cooking. To boil a lobster, you will need a big enough pot to completely overwhelm the lobster you cook in boiling water.

Bring the water to a complete boil. If you want, you can add spices like thyme or basil. Some people like to add some pressed lemon juice.

If the lobster always has the rubber bands holding his closed claws, pull them. Keep your hands and fingers with the claws and enter the lobster by the body just behind the claws.

Dip the lobster head first in boiling water and release it in the pot. Cook covered about 15 minutes depending on the size of the lobster.

The lobster will become bright red because it is appropriate for completion. You can fire an antenna or a small walking leg. Both will remove easily when the lobster is completely cooked.

You can also check the internal temperature that should be about 180f. Remove the lobster from the pot when it is cook.

Clarify the butter to separate milk solids and water from butter fat. This is usually done by merging the butter and letting separate the different components. The water will evaporate, some of the milk solids will float towards the surface where they can be flawed, and some will flow to the bottom

The solids of milk on the bottom must be left in the heating crucible when the rest of the butter fat is poured. Discard everything except butter fat. Some people like to squeeze a small lemon in butter fat, some prefer to tighten it on the lobster itself, your choice.

Now the lobster should have been sufficiently cooled to manage. Crack Open the hull, dig a certain meat and dive it into butter grease.

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