The first barbecue of the season – Cooking Sunday roasted on a barbecue in the sun!

by Augustus Callen

We can the first people living in the United Kingdom to have a barbecue in 2009 having 2 barbecues this weekend, the first of which was the Equinox spring (March 21). Be willing to hear someone who was barbecue throughout the winter months, because I know some of you, but I think I’m staying a chance to be on the edge of the kitchen. I love freedom and taste that indirect cooking gives you when cooking your favorite Sunday Roast BBQ style! Use marinades and drawing up giving a whole chicken, a lamb or beef leg your personal touch. If you are planning dinners, social gatherings or barbecues with friends this summer, then read it and save a lot of hassle that can be associated with barbecues

Roasted cooking with your Weber barbecue – just the best!

Indirect cooking allows you to cook perfect roasts on the barbecue; It is a technique that allows a very slow cooking of great meat joints, but with the most perfect, clear and tasty skin.

An advantage is also that the host can appreciate more the social aspect of a barbecue, although many traditionists miss “men around the barbecue, smoking, playing with fire and tending to their meat” image that a lot of ‘between us associate with a good old barbecue.

For this type of barbecue cooking, you must have a barbecue with a lid, barrel barbecue of charcoal or a Weber or gas barbecue. The barbecue will act as a convection oven to slowly cook the food. No part of the meat is above the flames, but a heat container is sitting above hot coals and the meat is located above a drip tray to catch all the fat and make sure that there are no flames.

The water container ensures the moderate temperature and the cooking chamber remains moist – we want this joint to be nice and juicy!

Use an oven thermometer, ideally one with a cord of 3-4 feet, to check that the temperature is located in the cooking chamber – Open the lid during cooking if you wish, but I can guarantee you that everything He will make, it’s add 15 minutes to your kitchen. time! I promise, was done and I have the t-shirt!

Charcoal BBQ – 2 options for indirect cooking.

The diagram shows the layout we described above, the first option builds a charcoal wall at the back of the barbecue or on each side. The second option creates a charcoal area in the center of the barbecue and charcoal banks around the edges of the BBQ.

BBQ lighting – Use a charcoal fireplace for best results

The idea of ​​this type of bbq cooking is to cook things slowly, very slowly and if you turn them on the right, you can prolong your cooking time at 12-14 hours. The light half of the charcoal in the charcoal fireplace, once they are white, place them above the rest of the unlit charcoal that you placed inside the barbecue. If you want some smoke flavor, sprinkle with some wood chips on the barbecue, be gentle and ideally soak them during the night to prevent them from taking the light and burning meat.

Indirect cooking with gas barbecue.

The above process is quite easy when using a gas barbecue because you can simply turn off the back or side burners. It is not necessary to use the drip tray, but you will need the water container for the cooking environment to remain wet.

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