Everything You Need to Know About Landscaping Water Features

by Augustus Callen

Landscape design trends are constantly evolving, just like home design trends. The water feature is one of the most innovative and rapidly gaining in popularity landscape design features.

Landscaping water features are one of the most popular landscape features because they are as adaptable and distinctive as they are stunning and aesthetically pleasing. Benefits of water features include producing natural, auditory, and aesthetic appeal for zen gardens and contemplative settings, as well as promoting tranquilly round-the-clock. 

Many people don’t realise that they’re also fairly simple to maintain, though. For more information, keep reading!

Why Are We So Fascinated with Water?

Humans are naturally drawn to water, which is a well-known truth. Even a brief glance at human behaviour trends shows a deep-seated interest in rivers, lakes, and oceans. But how did our desire emerge among us?

In the past, people first made their homes near rivers so they could be close to a water source. The majority of the world’s largest cities prospered in the future due to their closeness to water sources, which were mostly used for transportation, agriculture, and consumption. This, in turn, has fueled manufacturing, trade, and commerce for a large portion of recorded history by sparking periods of urbanisation and innovation.

People are constantly searching for swimming holes, beaches and viewing spots that look out over the water when they are having fun. The world’s top lakes and beaches are the focus of practically all travel writing and photography. Every year, thousands of visitors and summer vacationers look for lakes to swim in and launch their boats from.

Simply put, places near water are beautiful! People enjoy being close to it since it makes them feel relaxed and joyful.

Types of Landscaping Water Features


These are often water-filled basins hidden beneath pre-drilled stone columns. The water is pushed into the top of the column, trickles down the side, and then collects in a bed of river rock before returning to the basin and repeating the process. They are often compact and economical.

Pot Fountains

These are portable, inexpensive, compact, and effective. If you’d like to relax with the sound of a water feature without using up too much area, they are simple to install and a beautiful addition to your yard.


It usually starts at a high elevation and consists of man-made rivers. The water flows down the river and is pushed back up to the surface after being held underground in a reservoir and sealed with a pond liner. Although it is more expensive because it is a larger undertaking, it is a terrific addition for individuals who have room and want to build a bigger water feature that is safe for kids and pets.


Ponds can have a variety of vegetation and aquatic life, and they look fantastic. Yet, despite their timeless appeal, they can be pricey, attract unwanted species like raccoons and insects, and pose a safety risk for kids.

Water Walls

This kind is also pretty contemporary. Typically, it is prefabricated and quite simple to install. The main problem is that they frequently lose water and need to be topped off.

Water Weirs

Modern waterfalls that require little upkeep are called water weirs. Ponds can be added or removed during installation. They might be pricey or affordable depending on how much walling needs to be constructed to accommodate them.

Why Should You Invest in Landscaping Water Features

A custom-designed water feature that meets your needs and preferences can be an investment, but we believe it’s a worthwhile one for a number of reasons.

They Assist in Noise Pollution

Unknown benefits of water features include their ability to effectively block out unpleasant noises and create environments that sound as stunning as they do. 

There is noise everywhere in the modern world, from nearby neighbours to automobiles going by to planes flying overhead. A portion of that noise will be muffled by the calming sounds of rushing or bubbling water when a water feature is added, which is considerably more relaxing.

They Provide a Distinct Aesthetic 

It was likely that the first thing you observed was if anybody you know has a water feature in their garden, and there’s a good reason for that. Water elements are a very distinctive component of every pool landscaping and are quite adaptable. 

You may create an ambience to suit any occasion or need by including a water feature in your room, from a calm, soothing setting to the ultimate entertainer’s haven. 

How to Design and Build Landscaping Water Features

There are a few important procedures you should follow if you’re prepared to begin planning and creating a water feature for your pool landscaping.

Creating Your Wish List

You must have a clear idea of what you’d like your landscape designer to create for you before approaching them. Make a list of the features you want in your water features, such as its size, type, design aesthetic, and position in your yard. 

Choosing the Ideal Partner for Design and Installation

Once you’ve made a list, it’s time to speak with a competent landscape designer to begin the design process. The ideal partner will have the skills and expertise to not only create a stunning design that satisfies your needs but also carry it out according to your predetermined timetable and budget.

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