Why Should You Consider Solid Timber Flooring for Your Home?

by Augustus Callen

Solid timber flooring is one of the Australian houses’ most prominent flooring solutions. It is a timeless flooring classic that only gets better with age, whether original hardwood flooring in heritage-listed properties or engineered timber flooring in modern homes.

However, you still need to decide whether to go with a timber floor or whether taking up your carpet is a wise idea. In that case, you should speak with remodelling and adhesive professionals to learn why solid timber flooring is one of the greatest alternatives available.

What Exactly Is Solid Timber Flooring?

It is a conventional hardwood floor made entirely of wood. This design is more frequent in older homes in Australia.

Solid wood flooring is typically supplied raw, so the contractor must sand and polish it after installation.

Solid wood flooring looks great, matures well, and may be re-cleaned, sanded, and cleaned several times, making it a great investment.

Isn’t it fantastic? Here’s what most customers don’t realise.

Solid wood flooring expands in humid situations and contracts in dry ones. Making strong engineered wood flooring is a genuine art for a company. Kiln-drying and ageing wood reduce post-installation expansion and contraction.

If engineered wood floorboards are allowed to dry out too rapidly, they will become brittle and lose their attractive visual quality. When boards dry out, they shrink, which may create large gaps in your flooring that are both ugly and uncomfortable. Because of board growth, the boards will push on one another, which will cause them to rise. On the other side, the board will expand and compress if there is excessive moisture in it – this is known as E.M.C. (Equilibrium Moisture Content).

Keep the engineered wood floorboards in the location where they will be placed for up to six weeks before installing solid timber flooring in your home. This will enable the floorboards to acclimate to the relative humidity of the area in which they will be installed.

Why Consider Solid Timber Flooring for Your Home?

Here are the top five reasons to consider using timber for your next flooring improvement, restoration, or new construction.

Healthier Option

Timber flooring has been shown to reduce stress, heart rate, and blood pressure and balance emotional states. Timber flooring may also help to reduce humidity, which promotes air quality. Timber, unlike manufactured items, does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be hazardous to one’s health.

Quick to Clean

When it comes to cleaning, hardwood is simpler to maintain than most other types of flooring. A fast sweep or antistatic mop will clean up most of the filth, and a moist mop once a month will be enough.

Allergen Free

Timber floor types are the ideal alternative for those who suffer from allergies or health issues and your family and your house. Carpet, linoleum, and even tiles gather dust and bacteria particles, which may aggravate asthma, eczema, and hay fever. Liquid spills will seep through carpets and induce mould development, resulting in black mould spore inhalation and a decaying home structure.

Timber flooring is a much healthier alternative since the polyurethane finish prevents dirt and germs from being absorbed. The unique grain structures of the wood help prevent moisture absorption and dirt retention.

Cost-effective and Lasts a Lifetime

A timber floor is tougher and more resilient than other types of flooring. Flooring options like bamboo, styles, vinyl, carpet, and laminate have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and although they may seem cheaper, wood may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Increases Value

Timber flooring is an investment since it is the most desired element in a new house. Timber is the most excellent and attractive flooring option for a highlight room or use throughout the house. Places on the market generally sell for considerably greater prices if they have hardwood floors throughout, ensuring a return on investment (ROI). Most individuals seeking to buy their next home will choose a property with wood flooring over one with lino every time. You can’t go wrong with this.

It’s Unique

Every tree and wood floorboard is one-of-a-kind, guaranteeing that no two floors will ever be the same. This cannot be true of most flooring alternatives, including bamboo, carpet, laminate, vinyl, and carpet tiles.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing wood floors in your house is one of the most ecologically friendly flooring alternatives available. Most leading timber suppliers get their wood from sustainable planting forests, ensuring that the delicate balance between human consumption and the environment is maintained.

Other flooring options, such as linoleum and carpet, are significantly less durable, requiring additional supplies and equipment to maintain them over time. These flooring options will need continual replacement and repair; neither carpet nor linoleum is biodegradable, adding to landfill waste.


Solid timber flooring sets the tone for whichever style you choose to combine it with. There is a colour of timber to fit any architectural style, from modern to gothic. Contact your local wood floor fitters or timber floor installers for samples and assistance. They can advise you on the appropriate colours and wood types for your new house or remodelling.

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