8 Common Repair Issues for Your Commercial Air Conditioning

by Augustus Callen

In the summertime, commercial air conditioners show their value by keeping the buildings comfortable and the tenants delighted. Commercial locations vary in size and have highly variable air conditioning requirements.

The commercial air conditioning machine must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid breakdowns. If you’re having problems with your HVAC system, one of the eight typical problems listed below might be the cause.

What Exactly Is Commercial Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is a method of managing the air in a specific location. This might include cooling, dehumidifying, or heating the air. Business air conditioning is a system that may be found in every commercial building.

Commercial air conditioning may be utilised in any commercial facility, large or small, such as restaurants, stores, or offices. Businesses may keep customers and staff cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter by installing an air conditioning system in their commercial premises.

Moreover, there are several system kinds and manufacturers to choose from. Each system has varying power and capabilities. Therefore, choosing the right system for your business area is critical to maximising performance.

How Does It Work?

Commercial air conditioning units are pretty sophisticated yet always have the same fundamental components. Compressors, blowers or fans, evaporator coils, and condenser coils move air throughout the structure.

Moreover, an air conditioning system functions similarly to commercial refrigeration in that it cools the air by cooling it down. This is accomplished by rapidly increasing the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant from gas to liquid and back again, taking heated external air and cooling it before cycling it inside.

Before passing through a heat exchanger, burner combustion gases are used to heat the system. This warmer, heated air is then circulated through the commercial property in the same manner as cooling is.

8 Repair Issues With Commercial Air Conditioning

If you are a homeowner preparing for a hot summer, you should know the most common reasons for air conditioner failure. Some of them are:

1.    Inconsistent Air Conditioning

A typical criticism of erratic air conditioning is that it is either too cold or too hot. A simple visual assessment should reveal whether or not the thermostat is functioning correctly. Inconsistent cooling is often caused by defective thermostats and ductwork leaks. You may need to plan maintenance or repairs based on what your staff or renters suggest.

2.    Damaged Rooftop Units

Most commercial air conditioning systems are situated on a building’s roof. Rooftop units might be destroyed by severe weather conditions or by the sun burning them up all day. High winds may also wreak havoc by blowing dust and grime inside the unit. Modifications in temperature or airflow might indicate that your rooftop unit’s inside cabinet is broken.

3.    Ventilation Issues

During the summer, ventilation concerns might cause the commercial HVAC equipment to overheat or fail. For example, your vents might be improperly installed or clogged by debris. Most ventilation difficulties may be resolved with a walk-through examination of the unit. However, hiring an expert may be necessary for your commercial air conditioning installation Perth or repair.

4.    Clogged Drain Lines

The drain pipes underneath your air conditioner may get clogged, causing it to quit functioning properly. Moisture is generated by your business air conditioner and then transferred via the drain pipes. When inspecting your ventilation, check the drain lines and eliminate any debris from underneath.

5.    Strange Noises

If your car’s HVAC system is making strange or new noises, it could indicate serious mechanical problems. If you hear a new or different noise from the unit’s regular noise, you should contact a commercial air conditioning repair professional.

6.    Blown Fuses

If a commercial air conditioning system abruptly goes down, it might be due to overheating. Check the circuit breaker for any blown fuses. You may also contact a local HVAC repair firm to identify and fix the issue.

7.    Burned Capacitors

Regular checks and maintenance may avoid the majority of commercial air conditioning problems. Several circumstances might cause a burnt capacitor, like broken components, overheating, or weather damage. If the capacitor has blown, the only thing you can do is change it.

8.    Capacity Issues

Commercial air conditioning units are sized to cool certain rooms. If you are facing capacity issues owing to the size of your system, it is advised that you either downgrade or upgrade to meet capacity requirements.


Keeping a commercial air conditioning machine in good working order is critical. An outage might create significant disruptions and potentially halt operations. Commercial air-conditioning specialists should typically handle all repairs and maintenance. Repairs for commercial systems are often more costly than residential systems because of their larger size, complexity, and specialised demands.

Furthermore, contact a professional if you have trouble with your commercial air conditioning unit. They have the most expertise in supplying consumers with commercial HVAC services. Contact them now to learn more about how they can assist you with repairs, maintenance, inspections, and installations.

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