How to keep the same color when it comes to cabinets painting?

by Augustus Callen

If you decide to upgrade your kitchen by changing the color of your cabinets, here is some advice on how to prepare for it and how to get the smooth finish you desire. If you have tried to redecorate your kitchen by yourself before, you know that it is not an easy task. Follow these steps and your work will result in fine-looking cabinets!

  • Preparation work

This is one of the vital parts of the redecoration project. By making sure the pieces of furniture that you want to repaint are ready, it will make your job smoother, and the color will be long-lasting. But what does this entail?

Remove all doors and shelves

The first step you take before starting the cabinets painting project should be the removal of all doors and shelves from the furniture. You should also remove all hinges and handles as this will help protect them.

Pro Tip from Make a plan of the kitchen and number each door where the hinges are attached. This will make it easier to reposition them when you have finished the work.

Clean the surface of the cabinets

While using a degreasing solution that can remove oil and fat from the surface of the furniture, make sure to scrub everywhere. Food particles and dust which are found in every kitchen can interfere with the paint you want to use later. Make sure to wipe off the surfaces one more time in the end for the remaining cleaning product and let them dry.

Use wood filler

If you want to achieve a smooth finish all scratches or holes should be filled before starting the cabinets painting. Use more wood filler than is necessary because after drying it shrinks. Allow it to dry completely before continuing with the next step.

Sand the surfaces

Gently sand the doors and each side of the cabinet with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper to remove any imperfections from the surfaces. It is important to sand AFTER you have cleaned everything because when you sand greasy surfaces, the impurities will only spread and penetrate the wood more.

  • Apply an ultra-adhesive base coat

To ensure durability over the years of the cabinets painting, it is essential to apply 1 coat of primer which has specific adhesion properties. You can use oil or alcohol-based primers which are renowned for their maximum adhesion. It is particularly important that the base coat is completely dry when applying the finishing paint, otherwise, the paint is at risk of peeling. The paint will bond with the surface, and this is one of the main steps in achieving a smooth look.

  • Apply two coats of paint

There is paint which is designed especially for furniture and cabinets painting. They provide all the characteristics sought to ensure a beautiful finish and good durability over the years.

Do not rush to apply the coats one after another. If you apply them too quickly, the smooth look of the paint will disappear. For exceptional results, you can also sand the surface after each layer of paint.

  • Enjoy your new kitchen

You have invested time and effort…You are now enjoying the rewards of these investments and rightfully deserve to take full advantage of your beautiful kitchen for many years to come!

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